Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where's the line?

So, everyone has heard of Rihanna's encounter with boyfriend Chris Brown earlier this year. If you haven't, it goes a little something like this; he beat the living shit out of her. ABC news claims that the Rihanna's friends stated the altercation came out of an act of jealousy played on Rihanna's part. Jealousy arouse and the two argued. The conversation heated up and got physical-

The world was shocked, but we moved on. Personally, I don't pay much attention to entertainment news. ALthough, I can find it entertaining, there is nothing educational to my life worth reading.  I am bringing this up because this morning I was listening to Q102. While it is a rare occurrence that I am listening to the radio, may it be even more unusual that I am listening to Q102. However, host Ryan Seacrest brought up the altercation with the, even more unnerving, news that Rihanna and Chris Brown will be recording a duet together. I wish I could find a transcript of the show because I would love to know who he was interviewing. Seacrest, like most of Rihanna's fans, was extremely disappointed in Rihanna for tolerating Brown's behavior. The interviewee stated that Brown has been "talking to his pastor and is extremely sorry for what he did." She asked Seacrest why we (meaning the public) shouldn't forgive him if he is really really sorry and is doing everything he can to change. She stated that Rihanna is sticking by her man and "supporting" him because she feels like it's her fault that his career is at stake.

It's a shame that pop culture tends to define American culture. My friend from Australia told me how Aussies see Americans as "the norm". However, the norm consists of what is put on TV. American's believe that the things we watch on TV are only exaggerated lifestyles that most of American's do NOT live. But is this true? Is television exaggerating, or bringing attention to a fact none of us want to face. The altercation between Rihanna and Brown is not uncommon. Every other day, you can flip to Maury or Dr. Phil talking about physical abuse between human beings. I have known several people who have been in physical and emotional abusive relationships, and did not leave the relationship. I, myself, have been in an emotionally abusive relationship and did not leave. Has it become a socially acceptable for people to physically or emotionally hurt other people? To whomever Seacrest was interviewing, it seems as though its okay if the person is really really sorry. Where's the line? Is there a line? Is it ever okay to physically hurt someone? 

Americans, as a culture, want to believe in people. We want to believe that people can and do change. That's why there's jail aka Correctional Facilities. This is, unless, a person who is close to you was hurt. Usually there is no forgiveness in that. This is where the hypocrisy comes in. It starts off with a "no he didn't" to a "well, she started it, but he still shouldn't have hurt her" to finally "Look, he's seeing a pastor and he's really sorry. Like really REALLY sorry..." 

I believe in forgiveness. I believe that Brown knows what he did wrong and really is sorry. I do not, however, think that it's okay for Rihanna to stay with him. If anyone is in the wrong, it is her. If anyone's publicists should be working overtime, it should be hers. Brown's reputation may be ruined and he will possibly always be known as the guy who beat up his girlfriend but with Rihanna sticking around, what does that say about her? Rihanna thinks its okay to take a little beating every now and then. Does she have no respect for herself? Does she believe this is the way she should be treated? What does this say to our kids? To those that look up to her? What will Rihanna say to a teenager who is in a relationship when their partner is physically hurting them? "It's okay if they're sorry." 

What exactly are you supporting Rihanna? Where's the line- when you no longer have a voice?

Speak up now, teach our generation that you deserve better, that we deserve better. He may be a good man, but this is not okay. I will NOT  respect anyone who does not respect themselves. 

Where is the line?

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