Sunday, April 12, 2009

Definition Generation

I love my grandma, I really do. But I cannot sit here and let her talk about races as a general group of people. It's never a person, it's the Chinese, those blacks, them, those, the. I got so mad at dinner because she was talking about how something was falling apart because it was made by the Chinese. Has she looked at all her clothes? Her furniture? The toys, books, shoes she bought us? Read the tag; Made in China. 

People should never be categorized into a general group of people. We are all flawed, we all make mistakes, we are all human with hearts, cares, worries, fears, and love. Just because the color of my skin is much lighter than yours doesn't mean that I act like my sister who has the same tint.

Even when Obama was elected president, our generation made sure that people knew what color we voted for. I watched as people made shirts that stated: My president is black. I voted for Obama because of his beliefs, what he wanted to change (and i mean that in the concrete term not the term that is thrown around), and how he spoke. Maybe I was swayed by how passionate he sounded in his speeches, maybe I voted due to the fact that I believe that America needs someone passionate, but I never voted, or thought, about the color of his skin.

I'm tired of fighting about superficial things. I'm tired of hearing about it. I don't care if there is a central Jersey, if you live in the center of some place, then that's where you live. I don't care if you think Delaware isn't a real state. The DuPonts, who are from DE, invented Nylon. You wear it. It's there. Not everything has to be commented on, generalize, or judged. We are what we are. Take me for what I am. 

We are defined by the actions we make, we ideas we have, the love we share. Not by where we live, what we wear, and no longer by the color of our skin.

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